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Privates, Mentorships & Travel Planning

Private Yoga Sessions:

Four yoga classes each month, designed with you in mind. Classes are currently conducted via zoom.

Mentorship Opportunities:

For those looking to deepen their personal practice, run a business through the inclusive and ethical lens of yoga, start a CoOp studio to encourage community over competition, run retreats in beautiful places around the world or any other creative ways you see yourself living into your purpose. Mentorships with Kristen will bring her 15+ years of experience in hospitality, event planning, travel, yoga studio ownership, and non-profit executive director together to brainstorm, support and create a clear path on how you can couple the ethics and philosophy of yoga with your purpose. 

Travel Planning:

For those looking to explore the world through an eco-tourism lens. Learn the in's and out's, tips and tricks for traveling safely solo or in a group to amazing destinations around the world. Looking to lead a yoga retreat, we can help plan that too! Let's go exploring!

  • Private Yoga Classes

    Every month
    4x Private Classes per Month
    • Individually Planned Program
    • Four 1:1 Yoga Class Monthly
    • Monthly Draft
  • Mentorship

    Every month
    For those looking to deepen their impact in unique ways
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1hr Consultation & Planning Session
    • 2x Monthly Meetings for 3 Months (60-90min each)
    • Individualized Support & Tracking
    • Optional Book Suggestions & Training Opportunities
    • Monthly Payments for $600 Total Investment
  • CoOp Consultation

    For those seeking information about our CoOp Studio Model
    Valid for one month
    • 1:1 (90min) Consultation w Kristen
    • Post Consult Text or Email for General Q&A
    • One Time Payment
  • CoOp Full Mentorship

    Every month
    For those seeking support to start a CoOp in their Community
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1:1 (60min) Outline A Plan: Business/Teachers/Social etc
    • 1:1 (60min) Community Over Competition Event Ideas
    • 1:1 (60min) Creating Boundaries for Success
    • 1:1 (60min) Implementation & Evolution
    • 1:1 (60min) Inclusion and Accessibility in Your Space
    • 6 Months of Insider Access to Successful CoOp Model
    • Unlimited Support via text/email
    • Prerequisite: 1:1 (90min) Consultation w Kristen
    • Monthly Payment Plan equals $600 Total Investment
  • Travel Planning

    Every month
    For those looking to see the world
    Valid for 3 months
    • Solo or Group Travel Planning
    • Getting There: Flight Plans
    • Exploring: Itinerary Options to Choose Your Adventure
    • Yoga Retreat Planning (optional)
    • Insider Tips, Maps, Must See's
    • Insurance, Medical, Things You Hope Not to Use
    • Monthly Pre-Travel Consult/Planning/Packing
    • Post-Travel Integration
    • Monthly Payments for a $450 Total Investment
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