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K10Yoga Outreach

The ways we give back locally and globally

Outreach has been the heart of K10Yoga since our inception. We continue to look at ways that we can support local and global organizations in overall health and well being. We also recognize the harm, tokenization and appropriation that can happens when intention does not meet impact. We continue to be cognizent of how, when, where and why our organization supports what it does. 



We strive to support our K10Yoga Alumni and the work they are doing within their local communities


Portions from our  Yoga Teacher Training Programs are donated to provide health and education services for kids in India.

South Africa

Portions from our Yoga Teacher Training Programs are donated to provide yoga and healthcare needs for kids in South Africa.


Portions from programs are donated to provide education & clean water to community members in Cambodia.

Our outreach ambassadors group

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