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Odinstone Labyrinth

Where Past Tense makes Future Perfect


Odinstone Labyrinth, originally built in 2001 by Keeper, Chris Williams, is on phase three of its cycle. With this version you will find a 7-circuit labyrinth to be used as tool for prayer and meditation. Built with intention of peace, love and healing, spaces like these have been used for centuries and each step you take is a step ancestors before you have made to support moving through unprecedented times such as these! There is no wrong way to walk a labyrinth and you cannot get lost. Trust the path. Trust the process.


What is a Labyrinth?


What can I expect?


What’s in the middle? At the center of OSL is a 16’ pipe that goes down in the ground 8’ and rises up 8’, filled with quartz crystal harvested off of the land. Atop the pipe is a copper collector to propel the earth energy up into a custom built genesa crystal that broadcasts the energy of peace and goodwill out into the world. Atop the genesa is a compass and a replica narwhal tusk stretching up towards the heavens.

Where is it? Odinstone Labyrinth is located in Pfafftown, NC. Just a few miles outside of Winston-Salem, NC. When you book your appointment time you will receive an email with the exact address.

What to bring? Clothes appropriate for the weather. This is an outdoor labyrinth without shelter, dress accordingly. Please do NOT bring any pets. You will meet a tribe of Saluki hounds and a sweet golden retriever that may quite possibly escort you to the labyrinth. Bring any stones or offerings you would like to have with you on the journey, anything you may need to leave.

Metaphors you may experience:

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