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Sacred Beekeeping

Therapeutic Beekeeping

We build apiary programs through our partnerships with local residents and businesses to cultivate opportunities for engagement, education, and connection.


Beeswax and Honey Production

We offer education, training and work experience in the production of honey and wax products. Through these products we share the story of skill, love, generosity, resilience and hope found in the hive and in day to day life.


Dedicate a hive to someone you love, receive honey from your hive and other fun things which simultaneously doing your part to save the honeybees without having a backyard hive of your own

Sacred Beekeeping Course

A mini course to share the details of beekeeping, flowers to plant that are great pollinators and recipes where honey is a great addition! Find the program here or get it as a part of our Adopt-A-Hive program.


We have a limited supply of honey for sale plus merchandise to support the ongoing efforts of "The Spirit Farm"

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