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Adopt-A-Hive allows you to help save honeybees without operating your own beehive. It's an easy, hands-off, way to support the pollination process and help the environment!


Adopt-A-Hive if...

  • You are allergic to bees and aren't able to take care of your own hive

  • You want to help local honeybees but don't have the time or space to commit to being a backyard beekeeper

  • You prefer to help honeybees with an easier, more hands-off approach

  • You have a deep desire to help protect our pollinators and support local crops

  • You aren't allowed to keep bees at your current residence but still want to help

  • You're looking to give a unique, one of a kind, gift to someone you love

  • Brood

    Every year
    Provides the Essentials
    • Official Adoption Certificate
    • Printed Hive Photo
    • Quarterly Update Letter
    • 12oz Honey
  • Worker

    Every year
    Covers Expenses
    • Brood Plus:
    • 24oz Honey*
    • Name Your Hive
    • Sacred Beekeeping Course
  • Queen

    Every year
    Help Your Hive Prosper
    • Worker Plus:
    • 3 lb Honey Jug*
    • Name Your Hive & Queen
    • Online Yoga Classes w Kristen
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